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About Us

Our Beliefs

At Intimate Science we believe that a combination of mental and physical health is essential for a balanced, happy, and fulfilling life. Nutritional supplements SHOULD and CAN be effective when properly formulated and manufactured.

Our Focus

Our main focus is on creating a premium dietary supplement line that helps you unlock your true beauty from within and improve your overall mental wellbeing.

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Our Products

Our products are designed to work in unison with your body, and to help you achieve a perfect balance within, ensuring you feel the best version of yourself. Our products do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and are free of unnecessary additives and fillers.

Every batch of Intimate Science products are being tested by an accredited 3rd party lab to ensure they are safe to use and meet the specifications. So our customers get exactly what they are promised.

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Our Advantage

Our formulas are crafted by our very own analytical chemist who has over 30 years of experience formulating effective dietary supplements. Our star chemist combines the latest scientific research with his extensive knowledge in formulation to develop unique and effective products exclusively for Intimate Science. With such an extensive background, you can shop confidently knowing that you’re getting products, that actually work.


All Intimate Science products are manufactured and packaged in in our 30,000 sq.ft FDA registered and inspected facility, where each step of the process is overseen to ensure that each batch produced meets the highest quality standards possible.

Our Standards

At Intimate Science, we only use premium quality ingredients in our products because we believe in delivering the best possible results to our customers. We responsibly source our ingredients from only our trusted and verified suppliers. We do this to ensure that each and every ingredient, that goes into our products, meets all safety standards and regulations.

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Our Hope

Let us help restore your hope and trust in supplements! We believe that products like ours can positively impact your life and help you reach your goals. Intimate Science supplements are designed to help you feel more energized, vibrant and healthy inside and out, so that you can live each day to its fullest potential.

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