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Our brand is our family

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The Idea

Being a wife of analytical chemist, who created an absolutely extraordinary and very effective product for men’s libido, I was confident we could create one for women as well.

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So I can say that it’s all started with desire. A desire to find the perfect formula for love. 

Hello, I am Polina

And this is my husband Runu


The quest of finding the key for making any woman blossom like a beautiful flower inspired me to plunge into the alluring world of women's health.

At that time I realized that not only libido, but a whole range of other equally important aspects make us flourish. That’s why the general wellbeing of women has become my subject of exploring.  

What motivates them? What are their dreams and aspirations? What makes them live in harmony? These are the questions we consider when creating our products



As a part of this beautiful community myself I have a vision of what women need and desire, which in combination with my husband’s expertise and scientific knowledge help us create products that improve women’s life in many ways.
Our mission is to enhance feminine energy and bring the mind and body into full blossom with our carefully designed natural formulas.
Our main subject of science is your self-love, self-confidence and happiness.


We have our own manufacturing facility where we pick the most potent and pure ingredients from trusted suppliers. Each is carefully tested before releasing into production to deliver the best quality possible. 

All our products are 100% natural with a unique composition and a flowery element in each of them. Whether it’s in flavor, color or name, flowers like nothing else can reflect a woman’s delicacy and tenderness.


Intimate Science is my brand not because I launched it, but because it is now a part of me and my daily life. Little things that make big difference — these are my products, and I’m really excited to share them with you.
So I welcome you here to let yourself bloom.

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